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American Indian Intertribal Association

Remembering Snowfeather

19th Annual Toledo Pow Wow
Remembering Snowfeather
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In Memory of "Snowfeather"


In June of 2006 after a long battle with Leukemia Joyce lost her life and started her westward journey.  She was an inspiration and a guidence to all of us at A.I.I.A. and will be deeply missed.  Born on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation in North Dakota, she moved here in the early 70's with her husband and daughter. She leaves behind her husband of 38 years, Russ, her son Patrick and her daughter Kim and her husband Rick, along with grandchildren, Olivia and Joe. 
Walk Beside Me
You are the warrior and the hunter and I am the humble power behind the spear who will always guide your shield to defend you.  And you are the sister I met near the stream.  We sat on the rocks facing the morning sun and cleansed our garments together.  When you look into my soul, you will find the existence of a very quiet and gentle spirit.  Listen to my footsteps.  If you hear the sound of refined pebbles falling softly on Mother Earth, it is I.  My spirit can always be found traveling north and south.  I follow Grandfather and travel the red road.  The wind blows strong, but my steps never falter, as the sacred pipe protects me.  Come--Walk beside me.  Together we have the power to change the world.  For I am not your enemy, I am your strength
                                           Joyce "Snowfeather" Mahaney